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DOT Exams:

Due to the changes mandated by the U.S. Department of Transportation each patient coming in for a DOT Exam will need to bring in the following additional information from your primary care doctor:

If you have or have had the following:

Diabetes - bring blood sugar readings/log and a recent Hemoglobin A1c test result with you.

Heart problems/abnormalities - you must bring in medical records from your cardiologist.

Sleep Apnea - you must bring in your medical records from your sleep apnea doctor.

Neurological problems/abnormalities (including seizure disorder) - you must bring in your medical records.

Pulmonology/Lung problems - you must bring in your medical records.

If you take Coumadin/Warfarin - you must bring in your INR results/records for the past year.

Bring in all medications with you to your visit along with your drivers license.

Please be aware that if you are over the age of 35 and smoke additional testing will be required.  While we are not increasing the price of our DOT exams, if additional testing is required there will be additional charges.  Please be prepared to pay for this on the day of your exam.